Show Notes

She Shed Tour 2023!

Recently I did a walk around the She Shed. It’s the first one since it was finished awhile back.

I hope y’all enjoy it. And Happy New Year 🎆

Show Notes

2022 Was a Good Year Overall!

I managed to put up a review of my finished projects from the year. I am sure I missed a few, however the video reflects everything I had taken pictures of.

As per my usual self, I went through a lot of changes, and so did my channel and my website. What’s life if we aren’t learning anything?

Having not set extravagant goals for myself which I would never have lived up to, I still finished a project per week! Go me.

There were great things that happened along the way, like losing over 20 pounds and several sizes down.

My plan this year is to keep on keeping on. Keep on being me. Doing what I can when I can and enjoying each moment.

Happy New Year!


Whatcha Working On?

I am finally settling in at home after being away at my Dad’s for three weeks. He is doing fairly well after surgery. He has help coming in so I felt confident in coming back home.

We did a lot of tv watching. That helped me to finish the fingering weight version of my Seeing Double shawl. You can find the details here in my blog posts. The yarn was dyed for me by Amber of Crafty Performers.


Now that’s it colder here in West Texas I found the need to take the blanket off of our bed and work on it. Lol!

King bed cover blanket.

I added to the sides a few years ago. Now I am adding to the length. The homespun yarn can be tricky, I don’t mind it though. This color is called Nouveau.

I am also very close to finishing my cowl for the #somethingnredmal. This is the MAL we are doing for Stitch in Crime Book Club.

Modified Copilot Cowl

This is a modified version of the Copilot Cowl. It’s a free pattern everywhere. I am loving the musk ox yarn I picked up at Woolly Works Knit Shop in Colorado. I’m soft, yet it has lots of substance. I am combining it with mohair lace from Primrose yarn in the color Bourbon Street, and two colors; Blood Oath and Murder She Wrote, by Donna of CrystalSkyesHandDyed. Donna is Amber’s mom. They are very talented yarn family.

Join us tonight for Book Club. And let me know what you are working on ✌🏻


Piketon Wrap

I have been working on a new project this week. I wanted to play around with using several fingering weight yarns together. I chose 4 cakes from my stash and got started.

Because I have been watching the trial of George Wagner in the case of the Piketon Massacres, I decided to call it The Piketon Wrap.

It takes 4 , there were 4 arrested for the murders, it’s chaotic and interwoven like the the family the accused come from, and the holes from the pattern look like faces to me.

I will post a picture when I finish, along with some written instructions. You can see me working on this during my Stitch in Crime latest episode.

I am really hoping for a resolution to the Delphi case. The family really needs it.