Tonight is the first meeting of the Book Club Featuring the book by Author and Former Scotland Yard Investigator Steven Keogh: Murder Investigation Team

Hosted by me on the FiberFloozieCrime YouTube channel.

Questions For Tonight’s First #astitchincrimebookclub Meeting.

#1: Which investigative role was Steven Keogh’s favorite?

#2: What does MIT mean?

#3: What are you making for the #somethinginredMAL ?

You can find the book here.

You can find Mr Keogh on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and his WEBSITE.

The Rules for the Book Club are easy: Read the book if you can afford to buy it. If you cannot afford to buy it, you can still join in the discussion. The meetings will be free to everyone who is subscribed to FiberFloozieCrime on YouTube!

We will be making something in red, using the hashtag #somethinginredMAL, and I will be choosing a winner based on the pictures that are sent in to me. You can post them on the Facebook Group Page, or Instagram. You may also send pictures to my email, fiberflooziecrafts@gmail.com.

Looking so forward to this first Book Club! ESPECIALLY since Mr Steven Keogh himself will be joining us on the channel towards the end of the book!!!!!

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