Seeing Double Crochet Mystery Shawl CAL Clue # 6!

Hello and welcome back!

I have Clue # 6 for you today! This one is all about the Edging!

Row 1 : Join edge color anywhere; I joined mine on the top side, one or two stitches in from the corner. Single crochet in the same stitch you joined in. Single crochet in each stitch across, 3 SC in corner, Sc across next edge, 3 SC in the tip of the shawl, Sc across the next edge, 3 SC in other corner, slip stitch to join.

Row 2: Sc in first stitch, Work a cluster in the next stitch as follows; yo, insert hook, pull up a loop, yo pull through 2 loops on the hook, do this twice more, 4 loops on the hook, yo, pull through all the loops, Ch 1, * skip 1 stitch, sc in the next, cluster in the next. Repeat from * across and around the shawl. Work 3 SC in both corners and the tip of the shawl. Slip stitch to join and weave in ends.

Congratulations! You are finished!

Here is a video that will show you how to do the edging.

Here is a playlist for the Shawl: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbit-rHFlRlm7DRU2nyqBM-wGbs4huIl4

**Please note that some of the videos do also contain True Crime discussion.

THE YARN! we are using is a fabulous hand dyed 100% Merino worsted from the every talented Donna of CrystalSkyesHandDyed on Etsy. While you do not have to use this yarn, please go over and take a look at what she has to offer, it’s all so beautiful!

OH, I have some gorgeous hanks that would work great for this as well. All hand dyed by Amber of Crafty Performers. Please have a look!

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