Scraps Are For Broth!

Well my it’s been two weeks ago that my love pulled a “ dukes of hazard “ move and injured his back. He is doing well and I am so absolutely thankful that he was not hurt worse! The pickup is totaled but the engine is repairable. He is on the hunt for a pickup body, while his body is in repair and healing mode.

This has changed my schedule quite a bit as he has been home from work trying to recover. I am still cooking most of our daily meals to save money, and because we enjoy eating at home.

My youngest daughter has taught me a trick, ( as our children often do once they are out on their own), because she was frankly appalled that I was not saving my veggie scraps!

So here’s the trick. Wash all your veggies and fruits when you get them, and rinse them off before you cut them up. Place all the scraps in a large freezer bag, this means everything, end pieces and peels and insides. Throw away bad spots of course! Once the bag is full, just start a new one. And when you get ready to make home made broth you just throw a bag full in with the chicken, ham, or beef bones! So easy 😃.

I keep chicken bones and other meat scraps in a separate freezer bag. And here’s a trick from me.

I pour off any excess juice from the meat in their containers and throw the containers and the wrapper in my dish water. Rinsing them off before I throw them away helps slow down the stinky garbage smells. Living in the country means we take our garbage to town and we don’t store it outside because of animals.

Years ago when my mom painted she would save the foam meat package. She would wash and stack them on her craft table where she would use one every time she painted.

Mama, I have started my own stack 🙂

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